The Dialectoteca del Español is an innovative way to experience the diversity of Spanish pronunciation. It is an audiovisual library, which uses speech samples from a wide variety of native speakers to document the most representative patterns in the pronunciation of modern spoken Spanish. The site also includes descriptions of the factors that cause allophonic variation, maps that identify the main dialectal regions, orthographic and phonetic transcriptions of the interviews, descriptions of the main dialectal features, and exercises that allow users to check their ability to recognize Spanish dialects based on their phonetic properties.

Basic Instructions

Pre-requisite: Allow Flash

  • Click in Factores geograficos and then in Países.
  • Select the desired country.
  • Choose a city in left field.
  • Select the type of sample (Cuento, Región, Anédocta or Opinión).
Note: Some countries still do not have samples (the list of cities appears empty)

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