AnySay: Small Android app sends messages without Internet

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There are a number of applications currently (and there are several that promise to be released or under test, such as RightMesh MeshIM, BlockMesh and Gridnet) that attempt to enable communication without Internet. One of the most famous is Firechat, available for iOS and Android, with over 1 million downloads just in the Play Store. Another, with excellent offline connectivity is Briar. Among the first in this category, we cannot fail to mention Bridgefy. However, each of them has notable weaknesses: Firechat leaves something to be desired in mobile phones without bluetooth low energy (a version of the specification generally implemented in more modern devices). Bridgefy requests an Internet connection when it is used after turning on your smartphone. And to use Briar, we have to log in every time the device is restarted (this is a feature justified by security, not a technical weakness or deficiency, and one that could be "relaxed" in the future to make it easier to use. However, anyone who wants to make light use of the application without extreme privacy concerns will find this feature somewhat inconvenient.)
All this to present the amazing AnySay application, which allows, as already mentioned, to send messages without the Internet. This small application forgotten in the Play Store (with a few dozen downloads and last updated in 2016) also has its weaknesses, such as not allowing private communication between two users, not delivering messages instantly (it can take up to 1 minute), and not using any Internet connection to expand the network at any time. However, it has a fantastic ability to deliver messages even without being connected to any Wi-Fi. As we said before, Briar has the best-in-class connectivity (no internet), using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi access point. Similarly, Bridgefy, Firechat and many others that we have tried, need Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, router activation and/or devices connected to Wi-Fi (even if it is not providing Internet).

What makes AnySay unique and fascinating is its ability to deliver messages without Bluetooth and even without the presence of any Wi-Fi access points! If you, reader, are aware of another Android app that can do this, we urge you to mention it in comments. The installation file does not have 2Mb. AnySay uses a sleep-wake cycle to save battery power.
It is a pity that such an application has not received the attention it deserves. If you want to send an incentive message to the developer, here's the contact email address that appears on their Google Play page.

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