Why can't I get Uber through Google Maps?

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The Uber application, which takes up approximately 200 Mb of internal space (can not be moved to the memory card!) after it was installed, with updates often of the order of tens of megabytes, and whose service is indispensable for many users (especially in cities where passengers still can not enjoy competing applications and have as their only option the traditional taxi services), had a very interesting alternative that was Google Maps: it was possible, until very recently, to request a car by the Google application, without giving up the main features, such as price and time estimation, as well as real-time travel monitoring. The ability to request the service via Google Maps freed users from the need to have the heavy and buggy Uber app: users report various problems through the reviews in the app store, including pane on the Android system after installing the Uber, leading to various disruptions, which often result in the need to restore the smartphone to the factory settings. To give you an idea, there are more than 500,000 evaluations of the Uber application in Play Store with the worst possible rating, representing more than 10% of the total.

Unfortunately, a few days ago, without further explanation or justification, Google announced that it is no longer possible to book rides (there were other options besides Uber that could be chosen) directly on Google Maps.

But I can book a car from Uber through the computer, right? The Uber site is also buggy and unfeasible for some users. For example, some registered users, after logging in with the appropriate credentials, can see the travel registration, profile and payment information, but when they try to request a car they are redirected to a registration page! And the company's support service often responds with generic, standardized messages that show little or no interest in solving or even understanding users' problems. Can you believe it?

For Telegram users, a resource to consider would be the use of the UberTaxi bot, which has the basic functionalities, including price estimation.

Final tip: If you have enough free space and still cannot complete the installation of Uber, it is possible that the process will be completed successfully after restoring the factory settings ("Factory Reset") to your Android.

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